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Whether you’re reading this because you’re gluten intolerant, suffer from PVFS or CFS, are starting to grow your own veggies, embracing natural and/or alternative remedies, or just want to enjoy the journey with us, please remember I’m not a medical expert, nor am I here to debate global warming. Being diagnosed with a life-changing illness, looking for answers or changing the way one lives can all be overwhelming events, so I hope that by sharing the triumphs and tragedies, you too will benefit in some way from our journey.

I hope you enjoy the journey and if you leave this blog having learnt only one new recipe or started to think about finding your star, then this blog’s purpose has been served.

My two favourite sayings:
Pondering the choices we make at the crossroads is like revision in the school of life. Regretting the mistakes or taking for granted the successes means we have learnt nought.
An attentive student will gain wisdom from the mistakes and joy from the successes. Cartillyer – 2008

'Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.' Mohandas Gandhi

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small Size, Big Influence

Finally, the youngest members of our family, and probably the most influential in the decisions we make. 

Fortunately, Boywonder and Tomboy have only just begun school, and Miss Flora is of preschool age, so they are enjoying learning about growing our own produce and the various bugs in the backyard. They don’t mind being sprayed with Australian bush flower essence to rid them of negative energy before going to bed each night. Actually, Tomboy hates it, but she sleeps in the same room as the other two, so she’d still be receiving some of the positive energies without being sprayed (more about that in a later post).

Boywonder not only sprays himself each night, he is adamant that no-one else can use his essence spray. I now have to make a separate one for the girls. Despite his embracing the use of bush flower essence, there’s no fear of him getting too much in touch with his feminine side. He’s excited about the start of the AFL Auskick season and the tennis sessions that he and Tomboy have just started.

Tomboy is as her name suggests. Boywonder doesn’t always miss having any brothers as Tomboy is more than capable of dropping him on his arse (when no-one’s looking, of course), but we have seen some girly behaviour emerging since she started school. Despite this small turn towards girly trends, Tomboy and Miss Flora are still like chalk and cheese. Miss Flora will coat herself in everything girly and never leaves home without her handbag, while Tomboy only selects a few quality, girly items to wear. 

There was a time when I thought my health problems began with Miss Flora and her food intolerances, but I’ve since learnt that they were already brewing within me and Miss Flora just helped bring them to the forefront faster. If it wasn’t for her I might still be slowly making my body sicker. 

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